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    With 10 years' experience, Jackie Matlock has been treating sufferers of sports injuries, back pain and other chronic and acute muscular conditions. Before setting up The Pain Relief Stop ...

    What is Bowen?
    Find out how an Australian man began using a new therapy on friends and family, and how it grew to be a world-renowned therapy.

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    Jackie Matlock is accredited with membership to the following professional bodies:

    European College of Bowen Studies

    CNHC - Complimentary Natural Health Council


    Complimentary Therapists Association


    BTPA Membership Badge


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    What is Sports Bowen?

    Sports Bowen builds on the principles of the Bowen technique. Simply put, it stimulates the brain to analyse dysfunction within muscles and soft tissue to activate the body's innate healing mechanisms. For example, when you break a limb, the body knows how to heal without our conscious effort. Sometimes it needs a reminder to kick-start the process

    Lines of Tension

    Over a period of time, lines of tension build throughout the body in specific directions according to the sporting activity you are engaged in. These lines are made up of fascia (which covers all soft tissue like cling film). When tension builds somewhere along the line, when force is exerted it will hit the point that is weak, causing trauma and injury.

    How does Sports Bowen Work? Bowen moves are made along these fascial lines signalling the brain's need to let off tension, improve flexibility and thus creating balance and stability within the body.

    The Next Level of Sports Therapy

    Jackie began her career in sports massage, then branched into Bowen Therapy. Sports Bowen brings sports massage to the next level and enhances what she has been doing over the past 10 years.