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    With 10 years' experience, Jackie Matlock has been treating sufferers of sports injuries, back pain and other chronic and acute muscular conditions. Before setting up The Pain Relief Stop ...

    What is Bowen?
    Find out how an Australian man began using a new therapy on friends and family, and how it grew to be a world-renowned therapy.

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    Jackie Matlock is accredited with membership to the following professional bodies:

    European College of Bowen Studies

    CNHC - Complimentary Natural Health Council


    Complimentary Therapists Association


    BTPA Membership Badge


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    Sports Massage

    Sports Massage is the assessment and manipulation of soft tissues to:

    Sports therapy along with deep tissue work can help to prevent and reduce overuse injuries, if treated regularly. Also beneficial for any non-sporting injury.

    This therapy can remove the accumulation of general aches and pains accepted as normal, due to a gradual build-up of waste products through overuse. These conditions can develop from everydate repetitive movements as well as from sporting activities.

    This form of treatment monitors and relieves muscular tensions to help avoid possible injury. It can also explore the soft tissues more thoroughly than other therapies, thus the problem area can be assessed and treated very accurately.

    Passive stretching movements employed with this therapy can stretch tissues not reached by normal active stretching techniques, thus maintaining good muscle function and improving range of movement and flexibility.

    Deep tissue work of the spine improves flexibility and range of movement. All of the above techniques can be used to compliment Manipulative Therapies such as Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chirorpractic.

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